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school address: 701 Ferndale Boulevard, High Point, NC 27262

school phone: 336-819-2855

Ms. Ty'Shan Pickenpack, site coordinator:

Mrs. Leslie Kinard, principal

Ferndale Middle is a global learning community that inspires innovative leaders, opened in its current location since December of 1931. Staff and faculty work to foster critical thinking, problem-solving and achievement.

CIS sponsors awards for students for improvement of attendance with quarterly celebrations. Ms. Pickenpack created a program, Girls of Class, with over 40 6-8th grade girls being empowered to make positive choices through efficient and impactful activities. Her goal is to ensure that they have the tools and support they need to thrive in school and beyond. Participants are expected to demonstrate good conduct and improve academics. Ms. Pickenpack is also providing Study Halls as an opportunity for students to improve academics.

Current Needs:

  • incentives - to be distributed to promote student attendance, good behavior and improved academics

  • food pantry essentials - for students and their families in need of additional food resources 

  • teacher and staff appreciation - teachers work so hard all day long. It's nice to reward them with coffee and doughnuts, a warm lunch in the winter, gift cards for birthdays and special occasions.

  • tutors- to improve our students' academics

  • mentoring - to share some time together with a student weekly

If YOU want to be a part of the amazing things going on at Ferndale Middle, register to be a GCS volunteer by clicking here and email Ms. Pickenpack.

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