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school address: 1101 N. Centennial Street, High Point, NC 27262

school phone: 336-819-2905

Mrs. Penn Grose, site coordinator:

Mrs. Yajaira Owens, principal

Kirkman Park Elementary, located directly across from High Point University on N. Centennial Street, has a unique blend of traditional and Spanish immersion students. Penn works with the Student Support Team and Leadership Team to help build the most precious memories at KPE. 

Fall Festival happens in November, complete with hay rides, arts and crafts and outdoor fun!

The Wax Museum in February was amazing! Each student chose a historical figure to celebrate Black History Month. Students worked on a poster and outfit to represent their figure. Parents and community members put a quarter into the student's bucket to bring them to life!

GO FAR (Go Out For A Run) is an after school program to promote fitness. Students participate in 5k runs in the fall and spring.

Saturday School was a BIG idea from Principal Owens to support academic learning in 22-23. The entire school was rewarded when they not only exceeded growth, but came up a full letter grade on their school report card! Congratulations!

Current Needs:

  • incentives - to be distributed to promote student attendance, good behavior and improved academics

  • teacher and staff appreciation - teachers work so hard all day long. It's nice to reward them with coffee and doughnuts, a warm lunch in the winter, gift cards for birthdays and special occasions.

  • speakers - to talk to grade levels or classrooms around careers and community service

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