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Get Involved

Volunteer and be a part of the “Community”

in schools to help kids stay in school

Now placing volunteers with reading, breakfast and lunch buddies,

mentoring and school projects for 2023 - 2024.


To learn more, contact

Jennifer Reavis, Executive Director or 336-883-6434


Becoming a CIS Volunteer is as easy as 1-2-3.

STEP ONE = register with Guilford County Schools for a free background check at 

(If you do not have a drivers license and social security number for the background check, contact Jennifer and we can discuss a supervised volunteer role.)


STEP TWO = complete the CISHP online google volunteer registration so we know how you are interested in volunteering. 


Guest Reader = Classroom Helper

Mentoring Moment = Mentor

School Beautification Projects = CIS Friend 


STEP THREE = Zakiya Payne will make contact once approval comes back from GCS's background check to discuss final placement with a school!


Volunteer Opportunities & Schools:

Breakfast Buddy (K-5)

Classroom Helper (K-12)

Community Readers (K-5)

Lunch Buddy (K-12)

Mentor (K-12)

Bilingual Tutor/Mentor (K-12)

Tutor (K-12)

Reading Together Tutor (2nd and 3rd grade Oct – May)

Reading Tutor (3rd and 4th Grade Feb – May)

CIS Friend (Proctor tests, provide extra help at events or behind the scenes)



Elementary Schools – Allen Jay, Fairview, Kirkman Park, Northwood and Oak Hill

Middle Schools – Ferndale and Welborn

High Schools – Andrews and Central

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